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Dry Carpet Cleaning In Laurenceville Illinois | 1st Dry Carpet Cleaning

At ¬†1st Dry carpet cleaning in Lawrenceville Illinois, we use an cutting edge dry organic carpet carpet cleaning laurencevillecleaning system. Our system is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Design For Environment (DFE) and meets all the green chemistry guidelines. But most important, our dry organic carpet cleaning system out cleans the competition, without causing any damage to the carpet, the padding or the sub floor of your home. Most traditional carpet cleaning systems forced hot water into the carpet, mixing with the dirt, debris and allergens trapped in your carpet, forcing them down into the padding. The padding can act as a petri dish, making a perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. With just one cleaning with our special dry organic carpet cleaning process, it can improve the air quality of your home over 80%. And since your carpets are dry instantly, there is no chance of stains waking backup from the padding. Not to mention here in our cold climates, you won’t have to leave your doors open and have the inconvenience of water lines running across your yard and through your house. Our Carpet cleaning Lawrenceville Illinoisequipment is quiet and portable, and we can clean your home or business with people working or living in the same area. We thank you for taking the time to read about our special dry organic carpet cleaning process we are offering here in the Lawrenceville Illinois area, and we are sure that once you use our process you will never clean your carpets the old way again, we guarantee it!